Book Review: Time’s Up by Janey Mack

Time’s Up by Janey Mack. An enjoyable read with a great balance of plot, mystery, character, and a dash of surprise at the end. Maisie McGrane (the main character) not only holds her own in hand-to-hand combat but also endears the reader with her self-doubts and relatable vulnerabilities.

Oh yes, I HAVE to mention the hunk-a-lushes leading good-guy-with-a-heavy-dose-bad-boy love interest.  Mackey’s portrayal of all the small things that make most women tingle—is subtle and very effective.
Mackey carries off the first-person presentation by expertly keeping the reader in the action; all the while peppering you with the funny and snarky sarcasm of Maisie.

Time’s Up is a light, fun, and memorable read. Not for those looking for a complex theme, multiple plot lines, or numerous characters with deep backstories, but more for those wanting an enjoyable read, with memorable characters that will leave you beckoning for more.
The biggest compliment a reader can give an author:  Can’t wait to read what Maisie does in the next book! Thank you Janey Mack.


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Denise Todd